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Friday, 16 November 2012


                                   MAJOR AZIZ BHATTI ,
AZIZ BHATTI was born in Hong Kong in 1928,His fathers name was Abdullah khan who was a teacher in hong kong aziz bhatti received his early education there 
          He came back to his native place ladian in Gujrat District in 1945.He became a cadet of military Academy at kakul in 1948 where he was awarded the sword of honour and the Norman Medal
     In 1965 he was serving pak. Army as a Major. He fought at Lahore front He fought for six days and nights without taking any rest He was a great patriot He wanted to shed the last drop of his Blood in the defence of Pakistan He was filled with the spirit of jehad
It was September  11,1965 while performing his duties bravely he laid down his life but did not allow the enemy to advance
He was awarded the greatest military award Nishan-e-Hyder by the grateful nation He will always be remembered by our future generation